First Communion/Baptism Classes

Dear Parents,

On Sunday 15th April at 11:45am the special service to welcome children to take their first communion with us will also have space for baptisms.

If you wish your child to be baptized at that service, we will be delighted to welcome them and baptize them. They will then take their first communion with other children who are already baptized.

Children who join this class need to buy a DVD ‘ The Prince of Egypt’ ($70) and two books ‘ My Baptism Book’ & ‘ My Communion Book’ ($150). They are also required to watch the video and go through the books before the commencement of the class.

If you would like your child to be part of the Baptism / First Communion, they must attend the six week course accompanied by at least one parent, not your helper. If your child is interested to join our class, please download and submit First Communion/Baptism Class Application Form to the Cathedral Office / Sunday School by 19 February 2012.

Education about Holy Communion is very valuable for children and in no way does it automatically lead to taking communion if you as a parent would prefer your child to wait until they are older.  If for any reason you prefer not to have your child baptized or take first communion we will completely understand and uphold your decision.

Please do note that we do need to see your child’s baptism certificate if they are going to take their communion.


From all the teachers and coordinators
Primary Sunday School and Junior Church

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