School by Age Group

Sunday School Kids

We offer the following classes by age group…..

Primary Sunday school – for children 2.5 to 8 years: Meets in the following locations for introductory worship and then separates into different classes.

FAITH (2.5 – 3 yrs) – Kenneth Tyson Library

HOPE (3 – 4 yrs) – Fanny Li Hall

LOVE (4 – 5 yrs) – Harold Smyth Room (Outer Zone)

JOY (5 – 6 yrs) – Kenneth Tyson Library

PEACE (6 – 8 yrs) – Harold Smyth Room (Inner Room)

Junior Church – for children 8-12 years: Meets in the Li Hall in the Cathedral for the first part of the 9:00am Sung Eucharist. After the reading of the Gospel the children and teachers leave to go to the Li Hall for classes.

Discoverers – for young people (12+) at Secondary or High School, meets in the North Transept in the Cathedral for the first part of the 9:00am Sung Eucharist. After the reading of the Gospel, they will have their group discussion at the Upper Room in the office. On the second Sunday of each month, Discoverers help to lead the service by acting as Sidesmen (Ushers), reading the lessons, leading intercessions, taking the collection and presenting the Offertory.

What happens on a Sunday?

Typically the Primary School has its own service comprising songs, an offering, birthday song, story time and prayer, after which the group breaks up into different groups based on age. At this time the individual teachers will lead the children to discuss a topic, reinforced by reading or craft.

Towards the end of the 9:00 a.m. Sung Eucharist the Verger comes to alert the teachers and children that they need to come into church. At this time (approx. 9:55 am) parents can come to main entrance of the Cathedral, join their child there and receive communion at the main altar while the child receives a blessing. Parents are then requested to escort their child to the Lady Chapel (behind the choir) for the final hymn and prayers. The Sung Eucharist finishes around 10:15am.

After the Eucharist, refreshments are served in the Li Hall. Please do join us there.

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