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The Art & Props Team was founded in 2009 by Mrs Liliane Chuan Lavergne with the mission to extend St John’s Cathedral’s ministry for children through:

  • Supporting  the art and craft needs of the Sunday School’s teaching and other activities;
  • Creating art and craft products to raise funds for donating to charitable Christian organizations that help children or young adults; and
  • Enhancing the Christian fellowship among teachers and parents through sharing their love and care for children and common interests in art and craft.

In addition to making props and accessories for children’s performances and preparing craft work for lessons and other activities of the Sunday School, the team also creates handicraft products, such as jewellery, woollens, cards, boxes, as well as various accessories and decorative items for sale. Many different art and crafting techniques have been engaged in our production, including knitting, decoupage, jewellery smithing, beading, glass painting, paper cutting and calligraphy, etc. Through inviting experts to conduct training and members’ own sharing, we continue to acquire new and exciting skills and techniques, which greatly enrich the range of the Team’s products.

Since founding, the Team has staged numerous selling events, which usually precede major festivals, such as Christmas, Chinese New Year and Easter. The funds raised have been donated to a number of children-supporting Christian organizations, including the Cathedral itself.

The Team currently has around 20 regular members. Our regular meeting time is 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm on alternate Saturdays in Fanny Li Hall of the Cathedral. We may meet more frequently or outside this schedule when there are special projects or events.

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