All Age Worship

Kids in Worship

All-Age Family worship happens on the 1st Sunday of every month and at various festivals.All-Age Worship needs to be just that, and not children’s worship at which adults happen to be present.

Different age groups need some teaching suited to their particular stage of development, but all benefit from studying the same passages of scripture on the same day. The whole parish is then able to grow together and share insights and discoveries.

Seperate children’s ministry for part of the service is there to develop the children’s faith, and also to prepare them for taking a full part in the churches Sunday worship whenthey are older. Appropriate worship and activities should aim to ease the children gradually into full participation with the adults in church, rather than creating a completely separate culture which makes the transition difficult.

We sell our children and young people short if we only teach them facts about our faith; what they need is to be introduced to a real relationship with God, in which the foundations are laid for life long habits of prayer and Bible study and an openness to God’s Spirit.

We journey into faith, so all our worship and teaching must respect the diversity of stages reached, and the emotional and cultural luggage brought  long. Any resource material should therefore be flexible, easily adapted, and accessible at a number of different levels.

The cerebral and the academic approaches cherished by many in positions of leadership are not the only, nor necessarily the most effective ways to explore and express our faith! Unless we also male use of the senses and the emotions, we shall be shutting doors through which our God could reach the people he loves.

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